Where Next For Alycia Lane?

So now that Philly news anchor Alycia Lane has been fired from her job, what next? The scrappy, possibly mentally unstable local anchor managed to get booted out of a large, top-10 media market news gig all for the sake of allegedly assaulting a cop in the Meatpacking District and calling her a “f***ing dyke.” It’s kind of epic and has captured the hearts of pretty much every New York gossip writer we can think of.

Ex-Oddjacker A.J. Daulerio tipped us off to a column penned by the Philadelphia Daily NewsJenice Armstrong. Armstrong asked Inside Local Television News author Richard Goedkoop what Lane’s most likely next move would be:

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pop up in Milwaukee, Nashville or some other place. It won’t be [a] top-five market,” he said. “It’ll probably be top-20 market. You can’t have people going off on the deep end and then claim credibility and all the other things that are needed.”

Music City, meet Alycia. Alycia, meet Music City.