Where Mike Tyson’s Neck Meets Mick Jagger’s Tiger Face


Dang. If you’ve got any free time in the next couple of days and you’re in New York, we highly suggest scooting right over to the 401 Projects gallery, where, until just Saturday the 17th, they’ve got a collection of really amazing photographer Albert Watson’s work. A batch of gigantic 8×6′ prints are available for gazing upon, but the gallery is also showing a whole bunch (“hundreds” they say) of his never-before-seen polaroids. Sounds amazing. If you’re not familiar with the name Albert Watson, you’re likely hyper familiar with his work. He’s done everything from magazine spreads to more covers than you could shake a magazine-shakin’ stick at to big-time ad campaigns, and everything in between. And from this interview we found, he sounds like maybe a pretty nice guy too.