Where is your lift pass?

I grew up in NY and PA, my father was a NYC police officer and when he retired we moved to PA. Living in this area I was exposed to skiing, something I never actually did, but saw plenty of cool guys do it. Ever winter all the cool kids would break out there cool skiing jackets that happened to have years of lift tickets attached to the zipper of the coat. One look at the coat and you knew two things, this kid was cool and they skied.

You might be asking why is this important for networking and marketing, well the answer is simple… Where is your lift pass? At a recent launch event I picked up a small key chain from a company called Utterz. The key chain was a small cow that had ‘be heard’ written on it, genius, almost.

The Utterz cow is a great lift pass, I gave it to my girl friend who promptly put it on her keys where it will die I am sure. It will have a great life, a few people might even ask what it is for, but it still isn’t as effective as the lift pass. Why you might ask, because it still isn’t attached to her phone. The lift pass worked at saying someone was cool because it was directly associated with an object that was needed to conduct a cool activity.

What is your lift pass, well that really depends on what you do. Most people have a generic lift pass that they hand out at networking events, their card, but the successful lift passes are ones that separates you from the herd. Maybe its your twitter account, maybe its a custom ring tone that you can send to people, or maybe its your blog. The point is what ever you decided to make your calling card it has to say, “here is my lift pass and you are cool if you have it.”

If you have a cool lift pass let me know, I love hearing about neat things people do to market themselves.