Where is Social Networking Heading?

InternetNews.com’s David Needle on assignment for WebNewser at the UGCX.

“The trend is that the phones are getting smarter, but the audiences are getting smarter too,” said Eric Litman, chairman and CEO of the mobile analytics site Medialets. “For user generated content there is nothing else that generates as much content as these mobile devices. Text messages, photos, messages to friends and to social networks.”

“The number one access point to the cloud is the mobile device,” said Philip Miano, national sales director for Third Screen Media, the ad platform for AOL. “We haven’t even scratched the surface of this digital access point you hold in your hand that can answer questions instantly.”

But as consumers get more comfortable with mobile devices they will come to rely on them more as an information and communications resource.

“I was watching the NFL Network and heard them encouraging viewers to go to their ‘Web-enabled mobile device.’ That was the exact wording which blew my mind, it shows how close we are to mainstream awareness,” said Miano.

Miano said in the next two to three years, niche mobile services in the U.S. like mobile banking, getting your boarding pass and micropayments, will be far more common. “People will do it without thinking twice, just like today an 80-year old woman in Japan orders tea with her mobile phone.”