Where is Netflix for Android?

Netflix first appeared on my mobile radar when the iPad was released in April and the number one app for it among several of my friends was the Netflix iPad app. Since then, it became available for the iPhone and Apple TV. The Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii can now play Netflix movies without inserting a Netflix disc. And, Windows Phone 7 will have a Netflix app soon. There were a number of news items during the summer about Netflix for Android too.

Netflix Streaming Is Coming to Your Android Phone [APP] – Mashable, August 7

Netflix for Android app expected to drop…eventually (ZDNet, August 9)

Is a Netflix Android App on the Horizon? (PCMag.com, August 9)

Three months after the flurry of discussion about Netflix for Android, there is no sign or it or much discussion about when it might appear. If Netflix wants to make a splash for its Android app, it would make sense to pair it with the launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab should be available in the U.S. soon.