Where is Ana Marie Cox?

A media mystery in the making: Where did the once very noticeable Ana Marie Cox disappear to?

She hasn’t tweeted since March, when she announced she’d be going offline through April. What’s more, her contributor page indicates that she hasn’t written for her ostensible employer, GQ, since February. Her last tweet was on March 24 and reads: “Hello, goodbye! Off the grid through April — @lehmannchris will be providing #puppyporn, #grumblyculturalcommentary in my stead. Much love!” Yahoo! News‘s Chris Lehmann is Cox’s spouse.

FishbowlDC readers are clamoring to know where she is and what’s happening. “Some of her fans have been wondering aloud on Twitter, with no answer. Hopefully she’s all right, perhaps it’s some private issue not worthy of publicizing,” a FishbowlDC reader wrote in to us.

In February of 2010 she joined GQ as their Washington D.C. correspondent and is listed in their contributor section.

We’ve put in a request for comment from GQ PR. We also wrote Cox via email and got back this automatic response: “I’m off-grid. If this is a personal matter, an emergency, or a personal emergency, please contact Sam Cox at [BLANK email address].” The subject line says: “Off the Grid Through July 2011.” Sam Cox is Ana’s father.

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