Where in the World is the Worst Place to Work?

globeIf you think your office may be bad with violating its labor laws, it may not come close to some companies in Southeast Asia.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, per a new labor rights index several countries in that region are the absolute worst places to work. The International Trade Union Confederation’s Global Rights Index evaluates workers’ rights in terms of where they are best protectors.

Examples of 97 indicators include the ability for workers to join unions and organize strikes. Next, the index ranks each indicator on a scale of one to five going from the best to worst.

As for the results, Southeast Asian countries ranked at the bottom half of the index out of 139 countries. Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines scored a five. Furthermore, per the piece the trade union alliance revealed in its report that employees in those locations have no “guarantee of rights.”

So, how do we rank in this index? The U.S. earned a score of four which showcases that a country’s economic advancement doesn’t necessarily equate to its respect for workers’ rights including collective bargaining or even decent working conditions.

Curious about who topped the list? Germany and Norway earned the top spots and demonstrate their labor rights are “generally guaranteed.”