Where Has Nomad Editions Wandered Off To? A Deal With Nat Geo Traveler

There’s been some chatter about Nomad Editions ever since we posted about them in November, calling them a lucrative client for freelancers. The mobile magazines were supposed to launch in mid-November and promised good salaries for freelancers, who’d share 30 percent of subscription revenues per issue.

It took a bit longer but Nomad Editions is up and running and its launch party was last week. But now we’ve learned, thanks to Folio:, that the company has another ace up its sleeve: it will develop a weekly magazine with National Geographic Traveler.

Says Folio: “The prototype will be based on updated archival material and photography from National Geographic Traveler and if successful, will be marketed through Nomad Edition’s digital newsstand. ”

Before the official launch, Nomad had already signed up 2,000 people, though how many will stick around after their free trials end is a question that remains to be answered.