Where DON’T You Want To Work In Social Media? Apparently, It’s Zynga

farmville-cake.pngSocial media gaming company Zynga is on fire.

They’re the ones behind Farmville, Mafia Wars, the annoying 7-11 wraparounds, the guerrilla advertising slash graffiti in San Francisco, and Snoop Dogg blowing up a truck in the desert outside Las Vegas. So you know the company’s sitting on some cash. In fact, one estimate put the company’s worth at $3 billion. Whaaat?

How did they get all this cash, though? Last year, Zynga suffered some backlash from users and bloggers who were upset that the company was generating revenue from “lead gen scams”, but the CEO said that that dark time was behind him.

Maybe not so. A former employee told SF Weekly that Zynga was one of the most evil places I’ve run into…I’ve tried my best to make sure that friends don’t let friends work at Zynga.”

And, former employees say, Zynga’s “towering commercial edifice was built on a particularly shaky ethical foundation: copying the products of competitors. And while in the games industry, as in the fashion industry, some degree of design similarity is expected, Zynga has earned itself a reputation as a particularly rapacious predator of ideas…One contractor says he was offered freelance work from Zynga, related to mimicking a competitor’s application, with explicit instructions: ‘Copy that game.'”

Zynga has a ton of open positions, including many in art and design, but maybe after reading this profile you may think twice about applying.