Where Do You Spend Your Time on Facebook?

On Tuesday, Tim O’Reilly posted an article that discussed new Compete statistics about Facebook usage. While out of date, the numbers still proved to be interesting. In contrast to the diagram (displayed below) which shows 14 million users using Facebook applications, Facebook published their own numbers two weeks ago that showed that over 33 million users have installed applications. I’m not sure who’s numbers are accurate but I would lean toward Facebook’s.

Of particular interest is that only 500,000 people added a friend during the month of August. That saddens me deeply. I think we all need a friend on Facebook. You can click my image on the right and add me as a friend and I’ll accept as long as you send me a message regarding how you found out about my blog. If you already have too many friends, no worries, I’m not offended.

The two most popular things according to this diagram are (aside from logging in and seeing the homepage) browsing profiles and browsing pictures. Honestly, I have to agree. Pictures and profiles are two places where I spend a fair amount of time. Interestingly enough, there are no statistics on how many people were browsing videos. I have a feeling that the number of people watching videos on Facebook is increasing significantly. Have you found yourself watching more videos or is it just something that I’ve experienced? Where do you spend most of your time on Facebook?