Where Do You Play Casual Games? On iPod, Facebook, Nintendo DS or PSP?

ipadgames Tomorrow is Casual Connect, the annual celebration of casual gaming, and one of the biggest questions on people’s lips is “What’s the definition of a casual game anymore?”  While contemplating the question I found myself wondering about the blurred line between web games and lighter games on the Nintendo DS and PSP.  It’s difficult to distinguish casual games based on their platform these days, and I thought I’d talk about my experiences and reach out to our readers to ask where you play your casual games

.For me, casual gaming started as a web games trend when Yahoo Games released free Chess so many years ago.  It was a thrill to get into the lobby and see groups of players waiting to join up and play away.  The community was almost non-existent due to poor chat interfaces and no message board, but the idea was solid and the gaming was good.  Since then, casual games have been conflated from early web games, lighter console games and board games into the social games that are available today.

I’m gamer that plays inconsistently week by week but plays about 20 to 30 hours of games a month.  That’s usually spread across hard core games like Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP and Square’s Final Fantasy XIII for XBox 360 but also extends to casual games like OMGPop.com’s Draw My Thing, Playdom’s Gangster City Facebook Game, Patapon for PSP, Henry Hatsworth for DS and iShoot for iPhone.  I used to be a little dismissive of casual games on any platform but the iPhone, but as time has passed, I’ve seen the PSP and DS provide higher quality experiences and unique control mechanisms that amplify the casual gaming experience on those platforms.

What games do you play and on which platforms?