Where Can I Find Great Content To Tweet?

Here’s a question that most Twitter newbies will ask at least once in utter exasperation: how do people tweet so much? How do you find 10 great articles, 2 pictures, and 1 cool quote to share each and every single day? It’s impossible!

Well, of course it’s not impossible. Thousands of people are doing it. Want in on the secret to finding great content to tweet? Keep reading.

First thing’s first: not all “good” content is really good content. At least not for you.

Here’s what I mean: Say you’re a real estate agent. You’ve got a few coworkers, some happy clients and a couple of local businesses following you on Twitter, reading your tweets. You’ve carefully crafted a killer bio meant to attract future clients and set yourself apart as a real estate agent who knows her stuff. And you tweet about nature photography tips and your favorite band’s latest tour news.

Sense a disconnect?

Great content has to mean something to you, your niche, and your followers. It has to be on-topic, so to speak. If you’re into real estate, tweet about real estate. If you want to tweet about nature photography, go ahead and do that – just make sure your bio makes it clear that’s what you’ll be tweeting about, and you’re targeting followers interested in photography themselves.

Once you’ve nailed the topic(s) you’ll be tweeting about, it’s OK to start breaking the rules. Tweet a little tidbit about your day, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes. Let your followers know who you are. But to keep them interested, you’ve got to ensure most of your tweets are about your main topic of choice.

So, now that you know what topic you’re going to be (mostly) tweeting about, where do you find that juicy content to share?

Other Twitter users

Finding content using Twitter kills two birds (sorry Larry) with one stone: not only does it net you real-time, relevant content to share with your followers, but it also helps you retweet more.

By sharing content that others create, you show them that their tweet was retweet-worthy, and could earn yourself a new follower in the process.

In order to find content to share from within Twitter itself, try using the network you’ve already built, or using Twitter’s advanced search to search for keywords related to your niche, and retweeting what you find useful (just make sure you read the links first!).


Browsing podcasts related to your field or topic of interest and tweeting links to the one(s) you find most useful is another way to find killer content on Twitter. It’s more original than sharing a text-based article, and it might just help an indie podcaster reach a wider audience.

Blog posts

Of course, you can always find content to tweet in the form of blog posts. These are among the most popular links shared on Twitter. If you don’t already have a list of your favorite blog, check out Technorati and do some searching for your topic keywords. Just like with retweets, be sure you read the blog posts you’re tweeting first – you don’t want to be known as the person who tweets fluff content!


OK, so it can get a little tired if all you’re tweeting are “inspirational” quotes, but a few, relevant quotes are great. People eat them up (read: love to retweet them). I suggest finding quotes using an online database (do a quick Google search for “famous quotes” and you’ll find plenty), or searching for your favorite author, thinker, speaker or thought leader and finding some that way. Just make sure you’re tweeting quotes sparingly, and that they are relevant to your overall Twitter strategy.

Of course, there are plenty of other places to find great content to tweet, and I encourage you to branch out from your comfort zone to locate them. Try using a new network like Pinterest, or tweeting some great answers on Quora.

Do you have some other favorite sources for content to tweet out? Share your secret with us in the comments below!

(Top image: Dinga via Shutterstock)