Where Are the Policitians?

Browsing through the applications directory last night I came across a new “John Edwards for President” application created by Fred Stutzman. While I don’t think Fred is affiliated with the John Edwards campaign, I find it interesting that this is only the second presedential candidate to have an application. It has been almost a month since the new Faebook platform launched and none of the other candidates have launched an official Facebook application yet. Granted, there is still a lot of time left in the campaign and not all of the campaign’s resources can be dedicated to developing a Facebook application. If these campaigns are trying to portray the image of being technically savvy, then they should be early adopters to new channels of communication. Many of the candidates are now on Twitter and MySpace and also have Facebook groups, but they have yet to launch applications that provide the viral effect that would be highly valuable. Any idea why these candidates have been so slow to launch?