Where are the Peanut Labs/RockYou Offers in Facebook’s Credits Payment Options?

Two months ago, Facebook announced that it was integrating offers as a payment option for its universal virtual currency, Credits, for the first time.

At the time of the announcement, the company said it was integrating offers from two partners: TrialPay and Peanut Labs/RockYou. However, since then, we’ve only ever seen TrialPay offers available to users as a Credits payment option. Where are the offers from Peanut Labs/RockYou?

We asked Facebook, and a spokesperson told us that early tests were run with Peanut Labs/RockYou offers, and that more tests were planned over the “next few weeks,” but that for now users are only seeing offers from TrialPay. Facebook would not give any more specific reason why it is taking a lot longer to get Peanut Labs/RockYou offers going.

The big question for other vendors in the space is whether the company is going to open up its offers system to more providers. Facebook is said to be only integrating a small number of offer partners for now so as to be more conservative and avoid misincentivizing competition amongst offer providers, at the possible expense of offer quality for users.

Of course, at the end of the day, if offers end up generating a significant portion of Credits revenue for Facebook, the company might want to bring it in house. We’ve heard some rumors of Facebook looking at offer companies, but we don’t believe those to be serious at present.

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