Where are the most popular universities on Facebook?


As millions of graduates around the world turn their tassels this month, we took a look at the most-liked universities on Facebook. According to Mediabistro’s PageData, many of the universities with the most Facebook fans are online or based outside of the U.S.

Did you go to any of the schools below?

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Harvard University3,301,009+1,461+12,152
2    University of Phoenix1,838,134+53+644
3    Amity University1,711,816+86+770
4    University of Oxford1,482,458+996+8,869
5    University of the People1,213,120+34+378
6    FMU1,149,868+250+1,876
7    Yale University858,737+586+4,102
8    Lovely Professional Unive…794,564+46+266
9    LSU793,207+93+889
10    Full Sail University788,687+892+6,251
11    Limkokwing University of …772,573+4,615+32,431
12    University of Cambridge727,621+731+7,091
13    UNINOVE708,772+45+329
14    New York Film Academy687,116+82+553
15    The American University o…675,803+478+5,117


Facebook compiled a list for Inside Facebook of the most-liked U.S. universities:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Yale University
  3. LSU
  4. Full Sail University
  5. Stanford University
  6. New York Film Academy
  7. University of Michigan
  8. The Ohio State University
  9. University of Florida
  10. The University of Texas at Austin

Here are the most-liked college sports teams, courtesy of Facebook:

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes
  2. Texas Longhorns
  3. Florida Gators
  4. Michigan Football
  5. LSU Football
  6. North Carolina Tar Heels
  7. University of Alabama Athletics
  8. Kentucky Wildcats
  9. Alabama Football
  10. Georgia Bulldogs

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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