Where Are The Media Recruiting Videos?

Okay, here’s your stumper for the week that we’d like you to ponder. Where are all the recruiting videos for media companies?

Go ahead. Try it. Google around. Check Youtube. Tell us what you come up with, because we haven’t found any. We’d love to showcase the best recruiting videos for newspapers, PR firms, and ad agencies, but either they don’t exist or they’re real good at hiding.

“Recruiting videos can excite by allowing potential recruits to better ‘see, feel, and hear’ the passion and the excitement at your organization,” Dr. John Sullivan, a professor of HR at San Francisco State University, wrote in an ERE blog post last year. “Videos allow an outsider to ‘meet’ your employees, to see your technology, and even to tour your facilities.”

They don’t have to be expensive to make, and they pack a huge punch. So why aren’t companies in our industries making any? Just because working at Elle is maybe glamorous enough to attract tons of qualified applicants without extra tools? I doubt it. Even Google has a recruiting video, and we can’t imagine a place more attractive to coding geeks than Google.

Scope the Google video and then tell us why your company doesn’t have something similar, or show us your favorite media company recruiting vids from around the net.