When Will SNL Be Back Live?

It is rough going moving into the thick of Super Duper Tuesday without the requisite SNL sketches. If accounts are true that the WGA strike is nearly over, then when, presumably, might we have SNL back and running on the air? If the strike were to end mid-week, could SNL be back by Saturday night? An insider close to the strike told FishbowlNY, ”I can’t imagine SNL would be able to go — because as I understand it, they have ‘fired’ the staff and did that in November — the staff being everyone who works on the show besides writers. For example, the bookers who would book the hosts, musical guest, etc. The writers would have no idea if a show could go on.”

There is also the matter of the strict schedule of the show. Monday is pitches. Tuesday is writing night. Wednesday is table read. Thursday and Friday is rehearsal. And Saturday is dress rehearsal and show day. So chances are whenever the strike is called, it will take at least a week to get back on track.