When Will eBooks Hit Libraries?

Despite the rising adoption of eBooks among consumers, publishers have been slow to work out library distribution deals for their eBook titles. (eBooks in libraries certainly do exist, but there is not a widely adopted model bringing most eBooks into libraries).

This issue was addressed at Digital Book World in New York this morning, when a member of the audience asked a panel of digital publishing CEOs why their books weren’t in libraries yet.

Brian Napack, CEO at Macmillan, said: “We believe that libraries play a critical role in society, but we are searching for a business model that will allow us to work with libraries.”

Jane Friedman, CEO of Open Road Integrated Media sees marketing potential in libraries. She said: “The library consumer has not traditionally been the book buyer, but now because books are easy to buy and so reasonable at $9.99, this is changing. If you have your books in the library, you’ll make new customers. If they read a book they like from the library, you are one book away from selling them another book.”