When Tweeting, Don’t Forget About Photos

There is plenty of advice out there for tweeting to improve your brand. How to get more retweets, how to schedule your tweets to keep your account active, and how to write the perfect Twitter bio. But most of the advice focuses on what you write on Twitter. So what about the other side of Twitter – the multimedia, the photos, the videos? They’re just as important to your brand, but often ignored.

Twitter announced that it would be creating its own photo-sharing service at the beginning of June, so it’s a great time to start thinking about how you share multimedia in your tweets.

Photos are an effective way to show your followers the fun side of your brand. You can share photos of your offices, your home, or your travels. The lighter side is something that everyone is interested in, so tweeting pictures of your after-work party (as long as it’s not too rowdy), could help you to better connect with your followers.

When attaching photos to your tweets, treat them like blog posts or articles that you share. Create a unique and attention-grabbing headline to tweet along with the link, so that people will click through. If you haven’t yet been given access to Twitter’s photo sharing service, use one like TwitPic.com which will host your photo and give you a shortened link to tweet.

Some things to keep in mind when tweeting photos:

  • Don’t spam your followers with too many photos in a row. Photos are not the primary purpose of Twitter for most people, so find a reasonable number to tweet per day, week or month and stick with it.
  • Tweet high-quality photos. Make sure your followers can make out what’s going on in the photos you share.
  • Respond to tweets about your photos. You should tweets photos just like other posts, in that you respond, engage and interact with your community.

Not only is tweeting photos a great way to make your brand more tangible, but your followers will appreciate you mixing things up a little by including a picture every now and then along with your text-based tweets.