When The New York Times Building Attacks

1204times.jpgCatching up with the magical skyscraper that shoots windows to the pavement from 17 stories up…

Although the New York Times Building may have been built by one of the world’s great architects, the actual construction of the building has turned out to be pretty… shoddy.

Debris fell onto pedestrians from the Times Building and there were substantiated reports of windows popping out of the Times Building and crashing into the pavement.

How did the Times cover this story, you might ask? Awkwardly:

Wind gusts knocked glass or debris from two skyscrapers in Midtown yesterday afternoon, including the new building that houses The New York Times. In each case, a pedestrian was reported to have been injured.

Yes. Because, if you’re the newspaper of record, you bury until the 7th graf the news that an unnamed man was hospitalized shortly after a window fell out of the 17th floor of the Times Building. According to newspaper spokeswoman Catherine Mathis, “Glass did fall from a window on the 17th floor… I don’t know that we can say with 100 percent accuracy that is what hit him… It was a very windy day.”

The Times described the man’s injury as a “cut above an eye”. But given that the window in question fell from 17 stories up and he was subsequently hospitalized… we’d say it was a bit more serious than that.