When The Land Fills Up, Why Not Build in the Bay?


This writer, sadly, has never been to Florida, largely due to his overwhelming fears of crocodiles and humidity, of which they have loads of nearly everywhere (or so it said in that pamphlet we found). It’s really too bad, because, case in point, he doesn’t get to read things like the magazine Florida InsideOut, which just recently announced the winners of their “Build in the Bay” contest. It was a competition held to see what people would do with a large stretch of land/water, Biscayne Bay, that was zoned almost one hundred years ago but never developed. They’ve done a terrific feature on the winners, and with a layout that nice, you’ve just got to imagine what the real magazine looks like. Here’s some:

…we got one submission a judge likened to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and we got a skyscraper city that another judged deemed “Dubai;” someone designed a mortuary island; and one entrant proposed a separate country in the bay called Atlantis, and included a passport, postcards, a model and a national anthem. Now that’s ambition. Our three top ideas, which we are publishing here, took a gentler approach. They lie close to (or even below) the surface of the bay; they offer new recreational opportunities for the people of Miami Beach, which owns the property; and we could see them being built, although perhaps in a reduced form.