When the Big Money Gets Bigger Brains


This was an interesting piece in IF! by Piers Fawkes, “What Happens When the Clients are More Clever Than The Agencies?” It’s about a small segment of the world, the small country of Slovenia, but it could speak volumes for more design and ad shops anywhere in the world. Before, a big client might come in, say, “You know the terrain, so your shop will handle everything.” But now the clients have more and more resources on the ground, so your shop’s insider peek might not be enough anymore. Just something going on in Slovenia now, but who knows?

“The problem is that the clients for big brands here are pan-regional,” Patricia Ando said. “They work in different markets, they learn and they become more clever than the agencies in each market.” Slovenia was busy celebrating traditional advertising when the clients were looking to use new methods to interact with their audience.
The problem for Slovenia is that these clients not only see what’s going on across their markets – they get together with their global colleagues a couple of times a year to show what’s happening in other markets: new marketing ideas spread like wildfire – and the clients are left to think: why can’t I do that in my market?