When the 14,000,000 Other Apples Don’t Fall Far Enough from the Tree

Now as ubiquitous as “Got [your product here]?” the silhouetted figured from Apple’s ipod ads are nearly everywhere, being used to sell other products. We’ve even got a friend here in Chicago who has a furniture client who loves to do parodies of pop culture in their ads and he put together this piece. That and adding “pod” or “i” in front of everything, and you’ve got a lot of people doing something extremely similar to the company. Now, the ever friendly Apple, who has been accused of “borrowing” ideas themselves, wants these similarities all to stop. And they’re using the power of lots-of-money-fueled-lawyers to make sure it sticks. Here’s one such case from Brand Republic:

According to media reports, Apple, which has a registered trademark for the iPod brand, has written to Mach 5 Products, which manufactures the Profit Pod, a data collection device for vending machines, and TightPod, which builds laptop protection covers. It is understood Mach 5 Products and TightPod are not the only firms that have been advised by Apple to rename their products under the premise that the titles infringe the iPod trademark. Apple is particularly concerned about alleged design similarities between the Profit Pod and iPod, and has requested that the company abandons its attempts to register the trademark.