When #PRFail for Drake Turns Into #PRWin for Toronto

Toronto Mayor Ford wipes face during an announcement that the Toronto Raptors will host the 2016 NBA All-Star game in Toronto

Stop sweating, big man. We are not talking about you … for once.

Unfortunately for the great city of Toronto (Shout out to my cousins up north), the entire place is under a blizzard of crap. Nothing weather related, just its crackhead Mayor. So, the city tries to find whatever happy-happy-joy-joy it can to forget about that blowhard.

To wit, we come to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, which are currently in a nice playoff series with the favored Brooklyn Nets. At an earlier game, Captain D-Bag of the R&B scene, Drake (whom we have covered several times for his toolbag of nothing here, here, and here), was caught exhibiting his primping courtside in a YouTube video that went viral in a millisecond.

And then, the Toronto Raptors organization stretched out its baby Tyrannosaurus arm and cashed in with some genius…

ICYMI: here’s a reminder of Drizzy being Drizzy at a local ball game:

If you didn’t catch it live, look again to the upper right-hand corner when the fast break comes left. That is Drake sitting courtside rocking a lint brush down his khakis because he’s concerned the minions of the city may get their germs on him.

As you can imagine, he received a deluge of tweets the likes of which Miley Cyrus hasn’t seen since, well, probably yesterday. Anywho, someone in the Raptors’ marketing department deserves a raise because this:

Yeah. Standing. Golf. Clap.