When POTUS Flies, Who Buys?

When POTUS makes a lunch run, Washington pays attention. We got word yesterday that he grabbed grub at a local chain, Taylor Gourmet, for meetings at the White House. We first learned of this “news” from Politico‘s Donovan Slack, who was giving us pool reports throughout the day. We perked up when her dispatch came through at 12:05 p.m. ET with the subject line: “yes, they’re having hoagies.” This immediately began the conversation around Fishbowl Headquarters over whether they’re called “hoagies”, “grinders”, or “subs.” (The issue still isn’t resolved.)

POTUS picked up an “an assortment of sandwiches”, but we were not given the crucial details of what he ordered.  Some 20 minutes later, Slack picked up where she left off by sending her next report with a subject line that made us choke with laughter: “Sandwich Facts.” It’s your one stop shop for all things between two slices of bread. As it turns out, POTUS ordered a sandwich with “roast turkey, prosciutto, roasted red peppers and sharp provolone.”

You’d think that if the leader of the free world made a lunch run, he’d come back with something a LITTLE more impressive than a turkey sub. POTUS paid for the pack of sandwiches at a cost of $62.79.