When Nothing Good’s Coming, Always Turn to Witches

Here’s a little fun to start off this Friday morning. Tired of the lack of originality coming across the airwaves during commercial breaks or in print campaigns or in agency.com short films, the site IHaveAnIdea decided to do something about it by commissioning a real live witch to create a creativity potion. It’s a swell idea, bound to get loads of traffic, and the whole thing works so well because they went all out with it. They actually hired someone who knew what they were doing, explained the whole process, and wrote it out with that 90% serious, 10% funny tone. That’s the way to do it. Here’s from the intro:

“Ads around the world haven’t been that inspiring lately,” says Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea. “I think that everyone in the industry needs a little spark — a little touch of magic. As a result, we decided to ask Heidi Reiss, a real certified witch to create a magic potion that would enhance the creative abilities of copywriters and art directors around the world.” The potion is aligned with Topaz together with yellow candle and Frankincense incense. It was created under a full moon, which according to Heidi, is the ‘phase during which vast sources of spiritual power may be harnessed.’ Hopefully, with the help of this creativity potion, consumers won’t have to keep on muting their TV’s during commercial breaks.