When mmm…ghft Meets rrrmm…mmrgfh


Strangely, in terms of visits for necessary things, this writer doesn’t really mind going to the dentist. He much prefers it to getting a haircut, which he finds to be second only to giving a speech while naked in front of an immature, snickering audience (you know who you are). It’s the feeling like you need to talk the whole time, the weirdness of this person grooming you, and so on and so forth. But if you aren’t the weirdo socially-phobic person this writer is and you have the natural tendency to hate the dentist, perhaps this is the story for you. From the photos, and the accompanying story, it seems like visiting Hiroshi Sambuichi’s clinic in Japan would be like a day at the best spa you’ve ever been to. Just an absolute gorgeous, nature-focused design. Sure to get your mind off the scary drills and the hands in your mouth. Here’s some of the whole story (which, to read, you’ll need to register — but it’s free! — and worth it!):

Two design strategies were employed. Firstly, the space is based on a series of vaults whose interiors are panelled in wood. It would feel like entering a boat’s upturned hull were it not for the large glass windows that open onto the outside. The waiting areas and treatment rooms face north so as to maintain uniform lighting. This orientation protects these rooms from direct natural light, thus minimising interference from this and the colour variations dictated by the changing seasons.

In the background, nature makes its presence felt in the site’s native trees and the roofing’s covering of vegetation. In the normality of the urban landscape, the clinic jumps out of the blue with the singularity of its architecture.