When It Comes to Content Marketing, Not Everything Is ‘Epic’

Just one side effect of more brands getting into the game


Current gig Evp and general manager at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM)

Previous gig Evp and chief client officer at MXM

Twitter @GeorgineA

Age 52

Adweek: How is your new role different from your previous position? 

Georgine Anton: I previously was the chief client officer, responsible for oversight of our account team and clients. As of the end of October, I was promoted to evp, general manager, so I'm now responsible for the entire MXM business of 600-plus employees.

What do you make of more brands building in-house content teams?

It's absolutely a trend. What [marketers] realized is that they need to put out a lot of content all year long. There's a role for that in-house team to react to news, but they're still coming to companies like us because they want someone to help them with their long-term planning. One of our clients is Lowe's, for example. We develop how-to kitchen remodel content, and that's hard for an in-house team to do. Almost all of our clients have some folks in-house.

What makes great mobile content?

We used to separate mobile from everything else—we even had a mobile team—now it's just that everything has to be mobile-friendly. One cool program that we just launched at CES is an app for First Response. It's a pregnancy test app that's Bluetooth-enabled [and] there's content about if you're happy about it or if you're not. It takes you through that whole emotional experience. It's an example of what you can do with content in the mobile space.

Are you a big social media user yourself?

This is funny because we have a program at Meredith where they tapped a few senior people and said, "You need a mentor," and I was one of them. I got assigned a woman in her 20s and she was my social media mentor. I hate to admit that I wasn't posting my own photos on Facebook; I had someone else do it for me. So, she got me to that point quickly. Now I'm a huge Twitter user and follower. I recommend that kind of program because it got me out of the Dark Ages.

Anything you wish the industry would stop talking about this year?

I've tired of the jargon and buzzwords like "iterating on that idea." For some reason that's a pet peeve. [Also,] calling a marketing program "epic." Moby Dick is epic, but my program for Lowe's might not be.

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