When is Rooting and Android Device Not Rooting? When Google Says So

Apple doesn’t seem to approve of the process of “jailbreaking” an iPhone to let it perform functions outside of Apple’s approved list. One example is displaying the video of any screen and any app on an external display (very handy for demonstrating iPhone apps). Microsoft was not too happy with the ChevronWP developers which allowed similar capabilities for Windows Phone. Google, on the other hand, has an interesting take on “rooting” Android devices.

It’s not “rooting”, it’s openness (Android Developers Blog)

Google’s Tim Bray notes that Google provides a supported command to install a custom boot image on the Nexus S (the recently released Google Android hardware reference platform), for example (fastboot oem unlock). This method is not, however, provided by carriers on Android phones sold through them. He also notes that rooting exploits take advantage of security holes rather than the legitimately available root access method. Shouold carriers provide legitimate approved unlock methods like the one available for the Nexus S?