When Greta Attacks: ‘WaPo Editorial Board Attends Too Many Inside D.C. Cocktail Parties’

Hell hath no fury like a Greta Van Susteren scorned.

In a recent editorial, WaPo admitted they dropped the ball on the Benghazi murders story. They did it in a roundabout way because admitting failure is simply not how the WaPo rolls.

In their editorial, editors felt the need to take a swipe at Fox News, the only outlet that didn’t involve regurgitating White House talking points. The Post rights, “Fox’s aggressive reporting, though undercut by blustery and often scurrilous commentary, nevertheless seems to have prompted the CIA and Pentagon to provide reporters with their accounts of Sept. 11…” (emphasis added by Greta.)

Greta writes… “I think the Washington Post Editorial Board is attending too many inside Washington cocktail parties and having ‘blustery and scurrilous’ talk with their friends (and let me add pontificating) and not doing their job.  They used to want to get the facts when an Administration was telling an unbelievable story – here a video and non existent protest even without murdered Americans.”

Van Susteren will probably be getting less invites to those cocktail parties now. But she wasn’t done.  She continued, “Yes, it is good that the Washington Post finally admits Fox is doing the right thing – pushing for  answers when 4 Americans are murdered and the Administration gives a story unsupported by the facts – because maybe they will now help get to the bottom of this.”

In a final “FU” to the editors at the Post, Greta finishes her commentary with this: “PS – have you seen the ‘blustery and often scurrilous commentary’ on the opinion pages of Washington Post?”