When Fake-y Style Just Takes Too Much

Because we, personally, are in the heat of finding a really good stylist to make an upcoming shoot looking really fantastic, we were happy to see our go-to-gal-of-all-things-design-and-advertising lady, Susan Kirkland, talking up the plight of someone who has chosen the dressing up of people. In her newest essay, she talks about being on a shoot recently with a handful of older executives who weren’t entirely “at their best.” It’s a great look into the day-to-day operations, and troubles, of being both a stylist and an art director who has to watch it all go down and, eventually, take charge and make sure everyone, somehow, just gets through the day. Here’s some:

An unfortunate fold created an embarassing gap in the model’s pants, making it appear as if they were unzipped. I spotted this just as the photographer snapped a polaroid. I mentioned it to the stylist, who immediately alerted the model. “Oh, that isn’t necessary,” said the elderly man, “you can stick your hands in there. I don’t mind being touched.” The stylist discreetly declined, suggesting he take the pin into the men’s room to made the adjustment.