When Facebook Closes Your Account

I was having lunch today with my friend Benoit who had a horrible thing happen to him. His Facebook account was shut down. Facebook sent him an email saying that he had two accounts (which he did but one was deactivated) and then proceeded to block him from logging in. If this happened to me it would be practically catastrophic. I now perform a large chunk of my business activities via Facebook.

It’s pretty crazy how rapidly Facebook has become a mission critical communication tool for me even though their message searching features are non-existent. If Facebook improves their messaging usability to be closer to Gmail I would probably end up performing the majority of my communication via Facebook. I’ve read around the blogosphere a number of other individuals that had their accounts temporarily blocked or completely shut down.

The real problem is that Facebook is almost as strict as the infamously protective ASmallWorld.com which will banish you to the big world without notice. It is extremely difficult to get your account back from Facebook and instead have to start rebuilding your account under a new email address. That can be extremely annoying. Have you had that experience?