When Do You Get The Most Retweets? TweetWhen Will Tell You

On the surface, Twitter is simple. 140 characters per message, retweet if you want to share something, find interesting people to follow… that’s all there is to it, really. But it’s when you get deeper into the measurements of success and the creation of strategy that Twitter starts becoming complex.

That’s why we’re excited to share this tool with you today: it boils things down to their simplest. By entering your Twitter username, you’ll be able to see what days and times your tweets get the most retweets.

I’m sure there’s a fancy algorithm behind TweetWhen, but all of that complexity is hidden from its users.

To see when you get the most retweets, enter your username (and email if you choose) into the text field at TweetWhen. After some computing of your latest 1,000 tweets, TweetWhen will display the best day and time for you to tweet.

You can dig a bit deeper into the stats, too, if you like. Along with spitting out the day and time you see the most retweets, TweetWhen also displays two graphs: one showing you how many tweets you got each hour of the day, and the other displaying the proportion of retweets you received per day.

So, although Tuesdays at noon might garner you the most retweets, you might also notice that 6pm and 4pm deliver a lot of retweets, and you tend to get more on the weekends than during the week, in general.

Knowing when you get the most retweets can help you define a solid Twitter strategy, including when to schedule your best tweets.

TweetWhen is the second tool to come out of HubSpot that we’ve featured this month. Earlier in August the company released WhoRetweetedMe.com, which shows you who your most active retweeters are.