When Bad Clip Art is Good Enough For You and Yours


We thought we’d take this opportunity to make you mad. Somehow in our virtual travels, we ran across StockLayouts.com, a site that features templates for every kind of business so one doesn’t need to hire a pesky designer or, when they do hire a pesky designer, they can make them adhere to the rigid structure of these templates. This is the kind of thing that usually burns designers up, these sites and all those like them. And the argument against them is always a good one: good design should always be an integral part of your company, and if you care so little to not put any thought into your image, then how is your business going to succeed? If you’re thinking “We make medical supplies so let’s just get a cheap clip art logo and these Stock Layouts templates that have to do with doctors and medicine and stuff,” then that should be the sure sign that you have no idea about the importance of design and the impact it can have. We realize that we’re just preaching to the choir here, but still. It’s fun to rant. So here’s a couple other bits: a short forum conversation about getting a call to design a logo for under $99. And remember all the hubbub when LogoWorks.com was caught for stealing other logos?