When Apple Fights Adobe, Wired Gets Hit

wired-magazine-4.8.10.jpgApple has made no secret of disliking Adobe Flash, and, if the company’s new developer agreement is anything to go by, that isn’t about to change anytime soon.

AllThingsDigital’s Peter Kafka breaks down the disagreements between Apple and Adobe:

Adobe has been pointing to that workaround as its answer to Apple’s anti-Flash campaign, arguing that developers could create programs that work on most of the Web as well as Apple’s platforms. Now it appears that Steve Jobs and company are forcing developers to choose: Our way or no way.

One potential casualty in this ongoing battle is Wired magazine, which is slated to be the first publication by Adobe for the iPad. With Apple continuing to present obstacles to an Adobe-backed publication for the iPad, Condé Nast may have to continue doing what it’s been doing with the digital magazines it’s already created for the device.