When a Twitter Alias Comes to Real Life: FNC Sean Hannity’s Hair Sits Down for a Chat

Somewhere between Washington and New York lives FNC’s Sean Hannity’s Twitter alias, who goes by the handle, SHannitysHair. Hair, the name I usually call him, showed up for CPAC last week and was, in some respects, the bell of the ball. He signed in as Theron Cal, a racist white hater, as a joke and a way to hide his real identity. He somehow secured a media badge, a mysterious feat, but not so surprising at the exquisitely disorganized CPAC where wifi working was a fantasy.

Speaking of which, somehow when a Twitter personality shows up in real life, it can have an elusive, surreal quality. Like is this even real? On Thursday night, Hair and I exchanged several pleasant Direct Messages on Twitter and we agreed to meet the next day inside the hotel. When Friday came it took him several hours to return a message. I panicked, thinking, is this guy even real? Online you imprint everything you think a person is, what they look like, sound like, and everything you want a person to be. In real life? There was BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart complimenting him for his tweets. Who “he” is remains a mystery — he never shares his real identity. “I’m surprised at how well known I am,” he said. “Coming to CPAC this week, I met Breitbart yesterday and Dana Loesch and they were very much aware of me. And the fact that little old me, they’re aware of me? Breitbart even said, ‘I love your tweets.’ To me, that’s a thrill.”

To be sure, Hair felt overwhelmed by all who wanted to meet him in the flesh. “I’m freaking nobody,” he told me, reiterating his sentiment. “I guess on Twitter I’m somebody.” In the end, he gave us the “exclusive” interview on Bloggers Row — others were vying for it. We can’t show you what he looks like because he wouldn’t allow us to photograph him. Suffice it say, he’s not the 20-something we thought he might be. His hair is thick and silver. His demeanor is exceedingly normal.

Even so, Hannity in real life hasn’t always been jazzed about this guy — who claims to be an ordinary, conservative, married, father and employee who has taken a fancy to Hannity’s hair. In fact, at one point, when Hannity wasn’t manning his own Twitter account, whoever was blocked Hair. But three weeks ago that all changed. Now that Hannity is tweeting for himself, Hair is unblocked and on the loose. His Twitter count holds steady at 5,100 followers. We sat down with him to comb for more details.

When and how did you start tweeting by the handle SHannitysHair? About a year and a half ago. I have my own personal Twitter account it and used it to talk mainly about sports. When I inserted politics into the discussion, people started attacking me. I learned whoa, I might not want to talk politics on this account. We might agree on sports, but politics is a whole other animal. So I started Sean Hannity’s Hair. I just wanted to come up with a unique handle. At the the time, Blagojavich was in the news and I was very close to creating Blago’s hair. I knew he wouldn’t have staying power so I chose Hannity’s Hair. I am a huge fan of his, always have been. It’s rare that I ever disagree with anything he says. We’re about the same age, actually. He’s a few months older than me and we just have a lot of things in common. I also consider myself a Reagan conservative.