Wheel of Fortune Launches on Facebook

WheelOfFortuneLogo My mom is die-hard when it comes to Wheel of Fortune. Any household work, play or other comes to a halt when the popular game show hits the television, and we all crowd around to see who can decipher the puzzles quickest. For that reason, I have a gut feeling that the new Wheel of Fortune game is going to echo the success of Family Feud and be a big hit on Facebook as it appeals to moms around the world. The gameplay is fast, the letter popping sounds and 80s inspired music are still in place, the visuals are exact replicas of the actual television set and the social elements ensure that there is good competition with your friends. Read on for more about the new Wheel of Fortune game.

The essence of the game is that you play episodes (which are just rounds) of single-player Wheel of Fortune. You’re given a few episodes a day. As you play, you win “wheel bucks”, which increases your level and position on the leaderboard. You also use these wheel bucks to buy items which are parts of ‘collections’. The more collections you have, the more “Wheel Gold” you win, which allows you to buy more episodes and play more rounds per day. Of course, you can buy Wheel Gold using your credit card, as well.

Each episode gives you five turns to spin, use some power-ups and try to guess the mystery phrase/name. After the round, you get to go to a bonus round where you are given a few letters for free (the famous R,S,T,L,N,E) and then asked to guess 4 more letters and solve the puzzle. If you don’t, the game asks you to send the bonus to your friends to gain some points and also learn what the answer to the puzzle was. It’s an interesting viral mechanic but asking players to send the puzzle to friends to see the answer can feel a bit annoying.


The power-ups I mentioned above are interesting. There is the timeout, the letter reveal, double bucks and free play, all of which help you as shown in the image below. They definitely add a bit of strategy to your game, and are rewarding to use successfully. And those strategies become more important when you compete with friends, which is accomplished through the leaderboard at the bottom of the game.

The game was developed by GSN, the popular game show company and television network, and is in fact not created by iWin, the developers of Family Feud. Both games have a lot of similarity and definitely prove that there is something of a ‘right’ way to approach game show games on Facebook. We’ll take a closer look in the future, and see if the game turns out to be a hit.