WHCD Watch: Washington Life Talks With the Correspondents

Chris Jansing's Rule No 1: Never leave

WashLife April begins tomorrow, which means WHCD coverage will become an intimate part of your life until dinnertime on April 25. Washington Life‘s contribution for the month includes a Q&A with six White House correspondents. The journalists who sat down with senior editor Virginia Coyne at (where else) The Hay-Adams, included CNN’s Jim Acosta, WaPo‘s Juliet Eilperin, FNC’s Ed Henry, NBC’s Chris Jansing, AJAM’s Mike Viqueira (who is the network’s first WH correspondent), and WHCA prez Christi Parsons.

The correspondents discussed just how real FOMO is at the White House: “Nine times out of 10 if you leave [the White House], something happens and then you get locked out,” Henry told Coyne.

Another discussion point was the classic old media versus new media trope, a battle which has left the correspondents feeling a bit more neglected these days. As Jim Acosta told the magazine:

They do have all of these new outlets they can turn to — YouTube, Vice, BuzzFeed — and because there’s this explosion of newer media out there, it creates fewer and fewer opportunities for the traditional White House press corps to ask questions.

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