WHCD Party Invites: IJReview & DISCUS’ Speakeasy Party

30 Rock's "Dot Com" will be there...

ijrThis just in… IJReview and Distilled Spirits & Industries Council will be hosting “an actual candlelit speakeasy” party on Saturday night at 8 PM before the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

The event, graciously being hosted at the home of Juleanna Glover, marks the first time this WHCD party has been thrown. FBDC has been told that Kevin Brown (aka Dot Com from “30 Rock”) will be attending, and of equal importance, Joe Biden was invited (RSVP pending…).

So, if you’re lookin’ for a good place to pregame the dinner or just want that roaring 20’s vibe — look no further.

The event is invite only.

Check out the invitation after the jump.