WHCD Fashion Preview: Recession-Chic

Recession-chic seems to be a theme for this year’s WHCA Dinner. TWT Style Reporter Stephanie Green caught up with some of the industry’s boldface names to find out what their looks for tomorrow evening’s festivities might entail:

“Everyone is aware that these are tough economic times for every industry, including our own. So yes, while the dinner will be a great event, those in attendance will be toning it down. My tux comes from Filene’s Basement.”

– Steve Scully, C-SPAN’s morning anchor and a former president of the White House Correspondents’ Association

“It will likely consist of me running around the house with a head full of pink Velcro rollers and making my best attempts at applying my own eyelashes, So, if one manages to migrate down my cheek, I will have only myself to blame, not a pricey professional. As for transport, it will be a carpool – and not car service – this time around.”

– Shannon Bream of Fox News

“Every year before this dinner I go out and spend far too much money on a new tuxedo shirt and tie, always telling myself I can justify the expense because I’ll re-use the combo next year. Except I never recycle – I always run out and buy a new shirt and tie the following year. Well, this year I’m finally recycling last year’s stuff. I guess recycling can save the Earth – and a few bucks, too.”

– CNN’s Ed Henry

But recession-chic doesn’t have to look cheap. That’s why Christine and I will compile a list of our picks for WHCD’s best-dressed. Whether you wear a budget-conscious ball gown or a top of the line tux, wear it well. We’ll be watching!

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