WHCD Comes to Facebook Live

C-SPAN, CNN, Vanity Fair, CBS and MSNBC will stream the dinner, and the parties on Live.

Facebook’s recently introduced livestreaming product, Live, is going to be put to the test during WHCD weekend, with a number of publications and news outlets planning to utilize the app throughout the weekend, both during the dinner and for the many, many, many parties surrounding the event.

WHCD broadcaster C-SPAN will be using Live to stream all of the Saturday night dinner speeches, for the cord cutter/social media viewing enthusiast.

Among the parties you can preview or watch vicariously through Live, whether contentedly or enviously at home on your couch (or wherever), is Tammy Haddad‘s Saturday Garden Brunch, c/o CNN. Vanity Fair will take you inside the residence of the French Ambassador for a tour, and CBS and MSNBC will streaming their parties.

Considering about 500,000 people have watched New York Times staff take a few hourlong walks through a park, this should be a big audience draw. Unless of course, people actually prefer to tune in to Live to chill, and chill is one of the more unlikely ways to describe this weekend.