WHCA Throws Annual Party

If you stopped by the JW Marriott last night, you would have seen lots of White House correspondents, thanks to the White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual holiday party.

It was the group’s last holiday reception with the Bushies, so AP’s Jennifer Loven, president of the association, made a little speech thanking the press office for their hard work and courtesy.

Dana Perino got up and did the same, thanking the press corps.

The Bush press office types were all there — Carlton Carroll, Pete Seat, Matt Drummond and others — plus some incoming Obama types (Jen Psaki was there, surrounded by media types. Ditto Bill Burton).

Reporters: Bazinet, Ward, Zakaria, Mason, Riechmann, Chen, Holland, Feller, Jackson, Condon, Delargy, Plante, O’Donnell, Decker, Whitson.

It was the last party for this group — many are getting assignment changes and new people are coming in.

Talk of the party? Whether or not the dinner in April will be any bigger because of Obama–and they’re actually not going to expand the dinner at all.