WhatsApp Is 10 Years Old

The Facebook-owned messaging app looked back at some key moments

WhatsApp debuted Feb. 24, 2009 djedzura/iStock

WhatsApp celebrated its 10-year anniversary Sunday, and the Facebook-owned messaging application looked back at some of the key moments in its history.

WhatsApp shared the video and infographic below in a blog post. Highlights include:

  • Feb. 24, 2009: WhatsApp is formed, and its app debuts for iOS and Android.
  • December 2009: Photo and video sharing are added.
  • June 2010: Video sharing is added.
  • February 2011: Group chat comes to WhatsApp.
  • October 2011: The app reaches the milestone of 1 billion messages sent on a single day.
  • August 2013: WhatsApp introduces voice messages.
  • April 2014: WhatsApp tops the 500 million user mark.
  • October 2014: Facebook officially acquires WhatsApp in a $19 billion deal.
  • November 2014: WhatsApp debuts read receipts.
  • January 2015: WhatsApp for the web debuts.
  • February 2016: The app tops 1 billion monthly users.
  • April 2016: End-to-end encryption is introduced.
  • May 2016: The WhatsApp desktop app debuts.
  • November 2016: Video calling is added to WhatsApp.
  • February 2017: Status, WhatsApp’s answer to Stories, is revealed.
  • July 2017: WhatsApp reaches 1 billion daily users.
  • January 2018: WhatsApp exceeds 1.5 billion monthly users and introduces WhatsApp Business.
  • July 2018: Group calling comes to the app.
  • October 2018: WhatsApp debuts stickers.



david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.