What’s Your Favorite Time Cover?

best_worst_landing365.jpgIn honor of its 85th anniversary (We better be getting invited to that party. We even read The Man Time Forgot last week.) Time‘s running a poll to determine your favorite image ever to be encased by the iconic red outline. Readers can rate one cover from each year, chosen by the Time staff. (Also cool, the full text of the cover story is available for each image.)

Who cares if magazines are dying? We love polls. The results please …

1999_einstein.jpgNo. 3 all-time favorite cover: (Avg. score=83)

1986_challenger.jpgNo. 2 all-time favorite cover: (Avg. score=83)

timea1.jpgNo. 1 all-time favorite cover: (Avg. score=88)

A disaster, an attack and a genius — sounds about right to us.