What’s Yesha Tweeting?

In last week’s edition of “What’s Yesha Tweeting”, we became all too familiar with the eating habits of Yesha Callahan. Yesha, best known for blogging and, more importantly, being on the receiving end of sexy cam shots from former Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY), tweets so often about so much, that we couldn’t help but check in with her again.

This week, Yesha is lamenting the way kids are dressing these days. After receiving an email from her child’s school reminding parents of what is appropriate dress and what is not, Yesha says, “I saw one girl, with a skirt hardly covering her butt…middle school isn’t what it used to be.” She then lets us know that when SHE was in school, “hell I didn’t even wear skirts.” (Please note: The above is not Yesha, but a woman in a short skirt to depict the subject matter.)

Fresh off of lecturing the youths of tomorrow, Yesha turns her attentions to the three-day weekend. That’s where she runs into some unexpected bad news. She tweets out, “And just like that..I’m sick…fever..chills…headache…germy ass day party.” Those germy ass day parties will do it everytime, Yesh. We prefer the parties with BBQ and beers.

Sadly, Yesha’s weekend didn’t get any better. Earlier today, she tweeted that her uncle only has three days to live. Apparently, he was estranged from the family and went to live on an Indian reservation. Yesha was able to track him down and says, “Today my heart sunk when I was told he only has 3 days to live…I still have toy he gave me after my mother gave birth…”

Keep your chin up, Yesha. We’re thinking of you. We KNOW you’ll keep us posted.