What’s Yesha Tweeting?

Our ongoing series examining the tweets of Washington journos is about to take a wild turn. Last year, Yesha Callahan was looking for a relationship on Craigslist and Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) replied in the creepiest way possible: flexing his shirtless arms while showing his face. The whole scandal ended Lee’s political career. Callahan continues to blog and tweet at lightning speed on JUST about everything under the sun. It’s a blistering Twitter feed that pulls no punches on ANY topic. So, let’s take a look to see What Yesha is Tweeting today.

Yesha’s first few tweets of the day seem to focus on semen. If that bothers you, then read no further, because we are about to submerge ourselves in baby batter. Yesha tweets, “I swear women need to stop swallowing all willy nilly & for recreation…got men out here expecting it from other women like it’s a given.”

Wait. Where the hell are all the women who are “swallowing all willy nilly”??? Is that REALLY a rampant problem? Yesha continues, “My best guy friend from hs….apparently told me that it’s expected from anyone he dates.” It’s EXPECTED???  We hate to go all Penthouse Forum here, but if you find someone who loves sack sauce THAT much, you may have just found marriage material.

Callahan isn’t done shooting her load quite yet. She tweets, “I posted the article abt the semen cupcake on fb…here’s Carla’s sister ‘where can I get one of those?’ Grosd.” A semen cupcake? We must have missed that recipe on the latest episode of Paul Wharton’s TV show.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more episodes of “What’s Yesha Tweeting?” In the meantime, Peter is gargling with Purel.