What’s Wrong With the Media, Told From the POV of the Media

NYMag talks to 41 industry types.

If you take a look at some of the commentary surrounding New York magazine’s piece featuring the collected wisdom of 41 media types on what is wrong with the media–it would seem media talking about what’s wrong with media is one of those problems.

“It’s hard to get the media to open up about the media, but when they do, oh boy, it’s almost as if they can’t shut up. There is plenty more here. If you choose to read on be forewarned: You’re going to hear some very hard truths. I hope you don’t die of surprise,” writes Alex Balk in The Awl.

There’s also the issue of who was interviewed.

And ok, we get it. Media isn’t monolith, and media criticism isn’t exactly a hard to come by commodity, but we find it useful to have have some of those criticisms collected in one place, even if you disagree with some, or all, or they disagree with each other. The point for us isn’t to try to construct a singular narrative on this. There is no solidified agreement on what problems and solutions are. There can’t be, especially if you think the media/members of the press shouldn’t report, write and view the world with one unified gaze.

And there are definitely problems, so we don’t mind if the conversation keeps going, even if it generates as many items as the collected body of reporting on the tweets of Donald Trump.

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