What’s With All the Recent Mobile App Hating? Apps Are Here to Stay

What is it with the mobile-app hating going on recently? Yesterday, I wrote about Robert Scoble’s sentiment that…

Robert Scoble Says 2010=2007: iPhone Web Apps Are Enough

Soon afterwards, the Official Google Mobile Blog posted this entry…

The Iterative Web App: Feature-Rich and Fast

…and wrote: So yes, HTML5 and the mobile web are clearly up to the task of building rich and powerful apps. But speed is arguably the most important feature of any application. And we’ve remained unsatisfied with Gmail’s performance on the mobile web. Until now.

Then PCPro came out swinging proclaiming…

Mozilla: Firefox Mobile will kill off app stores

And, then, there’s Google’s Chrome OS which is basically a Linux box that only runs one app: A web browser.

It may be possible to do a lot using just a web browser. But, there’s still a lot to be said for being able to work while disconnected or in low-bandwidth situations. And, what about those 5GB wireless data bandwidth caps in the U.S.? How are we to do all our work using web apps if we have to constantly worry about hitting that cap when out of range of a WiFi signal?

Web apps have come a long way and will continue to make great progress in the future. But, we can’t depend on them until we solve our wireless infrastructure issues first.