What’s Weingarten Writing?

Thankfully, WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten has moved on to other topics besides bitching about his critics like last week. Sure, it was fun while it lasted, but we need Gene to be able to tackle other important issues in his column. For instance, this week, he brought us the pressing story of the elderly police force of Shaoyang, China. Gene explains that Shaoyang is a city with many problems.

“Problem 1 was an epidemic of littering, spitting and illegal parking by flagrant scofflaws, who are brazen because of Problem 2, which is an insufficiently large police force, owing to Problem 3, which is not enough money in the city treasury, a condition aggravated by Problem 4, which is too many geezers: financially unproductive retirees.”

Gene goes on to explain that the city has now commissioned these elderly to give out citations to said scofflaws, but they also reaped “80 percent of the fees on the tickets they gave out.” The whole story is pretty interesting. In fact, you should read it here. No, that’s not a link to Gene’s piece. It’s a link to the original NYT piece that gives a more thorough account of the story without the painfully unfunny commentary from Weingarten. Gene references this piece over halfway through his article, but what’s the point? It’s already a good story, why do we need his unfunny commentary added to an already well-written piece?