What’s Weingarten Writing?

We often make fun of WaPo’s Gene Weingarten for the silliness of his columns. They’re usually weird, old-man gripes about nonsensical, tiny things that no one else cares about. In his most recent column, the Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist takes it to a whole new level. He finds a way to complain his way through an entire piece about … cursive writing.

Find out what Gene’s ranting about…

Gene tells a tale of running across a colleague’s notes only to find out that (G-A-S-P) they are not written in cursive. He leans heavily on a time-tested argument to help his case.

“Yes, I find this outrageous, mostly because I am envious. Why shouldn’t kids today have to suffer through learning cursive the way we did, and from the same idiot book, which seemed to have been designed by 19th-century French fops with perfumed doilies in their sleeves?”

In other words, EVERYONE should learn cursive because HE had to learn cursive! Back in his day, when they put quill to papyrus, they wrote in cursive and they LIKED it!

Can’t wait to read Gene’s next column, which will undoubtedly be, “How to Keep Those Damn Kids Off My Lawn!”